Visa and Passport Assistance



  1. Getting a passporting appointment is not an easy thing to do. We have to stay awake until 4:00am checking the available schedule to make sure you’ll get your appointments right away
  2. We don’t have Passporting slots in DFA. We only wait for the released passport slots online.
  3. Our assistance is for individual who doesn’t have time to do the scheduling themselves
  4. The payment is for our assistance only in getting you a passport schedule in the DFA website You can also do it in your own free of charge. 
  5. It is 100% refundable so long as there is no confirmed schedule yet. 
  6. We strictly implement payment first before assistance because we already have a lot of experiences with clients who refuse to pay after getting their passport schedules. Please also understand that we have to stay late just to get your appointment schedule. 
  7. Since this is a scheduling assistance only there will be no one to assist you in the DFA site during appointment day. But we will provide you with all the requirements and guidelines prior to your appearance.
  8. DFA Passport fees amounting to P1,200 will be paid through payment center or through us to confirm your schedule.
  9. Strictly No Cancellation or rescheduling of appointment once your schedule is confirmed.
  10. Please make sure to fill-up the form correctly and accurately.
  11. We cannot guarantee exact DFA site for Metro Manila applicants so you have to be flexible with the site and the schedule of appearance. Provincial sites may also be requested but it might take longer. Releasing of schedule is usually 7-10 working days (not including holidays and weekends) for Metro Manila and 15-20 working days in Provincial sites. Again it is 100% refundable so long as there is no confirmed schedule yet.
  12. To avail our assistance, kindly make a deposit to any of the accounts below and email the deposit slip and accomplished application form to Note: Application Form will be provided by SMB TRAVEL after payment 


We also offer visa assistance to the following countries:

Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Schengen, UK and US



 Bank: BPI Savings Bank

Acct Name: Sarap Mag Biyahe Travel and Tours

Acct Number: 2379 0436 77


Bank: BDO

Acct Name: Albert Vincent Salvador

Acct Number: 00 4610 0859 52


Bank: Metrobank

Acct Name: Sarap Mag Biyahe Travel and Tours

Acct Number: 549-7549-0015-36                       



HOW THE TRANSACTION IS FORMED BETWEEN YOU AND SMB. You authorized SMB to obtain personal information in order to proceed with the application. You accept the responsibility for supplying and verifying the accuracy and correctness of the information they provide on us. Any misinformation is no longer our liability.

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