4 applicants and above P2500
3 applicants P2700
2 applicants P2900
Single applicant P3800
NO APPEARANCE / Up to 30 DAYS STAY IN CHINA / VISA FEE  P200 for Metro Manila / P250 for North and South Luzon / P300 for Visayas and Mindanao
  »Original Passport with 6 months validity prior to departure & signatory
  »Photo Copy of the Passport’s Bio Page
  »Photocopy of the emergency contact information page in the applicant’s passport
  »Photocopy of previous Stamps & Visas
  »Please provide recent old passport(If no previous passport, please provide a letter of explanation)
  »2 pcs white background colored picture with 4.5cm x 3.5cm size
  »Computerized Chinese Application Form printed on A4 size paper with signatory
  »Airline E – Ticket Copy or Itinerary
  »Hotel confirmation or Tour voucher(With Hotel Name, Address & Contact Number)
  »Schedule of Stay (Template will be given by SMB)
COMMENTS If other person will finance the applicant’s visa / travel, please provide the following
  »Letter of Sponsorship
  »Passport Bio Page Photocopy of the Guarantor
COMMENTS ♦Applicant’s / Guarantor’s Financial Requirements
  »Photocopy of recent ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316/1701/1702
  »Original Bank Certificate with Official ReceiptIndicate type of account, opening date, average daily balance and current balance(Ideal current balance should be at least 100,000)
  »Original 6 Months Bank Statement from the bank(detailing all transactions with average of P50,000)
  »Original Passbook with detailing transactions for 6 months(original and photocopy of all transactions)
  »Clear Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate (not more than 1 year after issuance)
  »Clear Photocopy of PSA Marriage Certificate – If applicable(not more than 1 year after issuance)
COMMENTS ♦If applicant/ financer is currently employed, please provide the following
  »Certificate of Employment(indicate applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number, HR e-mail address)
  »Photocopy of Company ID
COMMENTS ♦If applicant/ financer is a businessman, please provide the following
  »Photo Copy of DTI / SEC Permit
  »Photo Copy of Mayor’s Permit
  »Photo Copy of Business Permit
COMMENTS ♦If applicant is a student, please provide the following
  »Original copy of School Certificate
  »Photocopy of School ID


COMMENTS ♦If invited, please provide original Letter of Invitation & enclose the ff details & documents
  »Information of Applicant: Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Passport details, etc.
  »Information on the planned visit:Purpose of visit, Arrival & Departure Dates, place(s) to be visited.
  »Information on the inviting entity or individual:Name, Telephone Number, Address, Official stamp with Signature.
  »Information of the inviting entity or individual’s relation between the applicant
»Information of the inviting entity financial source for expenditures, etc.
Visa applicants should bear in mind that each application is subject to individual assessment& processing times may vary.
We do not guarantee for any visa issuance as it depends upon the discretion of the visa officers.
Not applicable for Actors / Actresses, Mediamen & Priests.
Visa Processing takes 4 working days after the submission to the embassy.
To avoid conflict when delays occur, especially when consulate ask for additional documents,we advise the applicant to submit it 3 weeks ahead prior the preferred travel date.
We are able to reject applications if the documents are incomplete or travel date is too urgent.
Payment for the Visa Assistance as well as the visa fee must be settled prior the application to the embassy.
Once the documents have been lodged on the embassy we are not able to pull out the applications.
If the embassy returned the documents you submitted, request additional papers or deny your application,\payment is already nonrefundable.


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